About Me!

Hi! I'm Robin, and I'm a photographer focusing on weddings, family, children, commercial, and glamour based in Tampa, Florida.   I’m sure you’ve found my website for a particular reason, whether you are engaged to be married (congratulations!) or you’re expecting a little one (whoa baby!) or you just want your picture taken (I like you already!). This is the place where you will get to know a little more about me. We all have a story, and it’s my job to capture the details of yours. I'll start with mine, but you go next!

 I attended Purdue University and hold a degree in management. After graduation, I was hired by a business design firm which allowed me to team up with celebrated architects and designers.  I found my niche in offering creative, ground-breaking ideas for an assortment of furniture, textiles and accessories for clients. This design background has allowed me to incorporate custom and unique details into the best career choice I ever made - Photography!

 I discovered photography after my first daughter was born and suddenly became inspired to pick up the camera. After shooting pictures of family events, (now four very beautiful and active girls) I began taking pictures for family and friends until-before you knew it-I had a full blown business! It’s been the best decision I’ve ever made!  Life is good!

I am currently known for my unique blend of spot on photography and making people feel comfortable to bring out the best in my clients. My ability to pair up custom imagery with high end products helps to produce treasured pictures for generations to come.

I have had numerous opportunities to teach and attend workshops with other world renowned artists and photographers. My work has been described as:

“Fresh-Unique-Inspiring-Whimsical-and even Funky!”

I’ve had an array of photographic opportunities from working with companies including Matrix and Loreal.

My services also include photography boot camps for both adults and kids.



Now enough about my story. It’s my job to capture the details of yours!

 Let’s talk about your session.  My style is to shoot with studio or natural light –on the location of your choosing.  My goal is to capture moments in your life that show the natural beauty inside you and your loved ones.  My photo shoots are designed to be tailored to your personality.  One of the great things about this job is that I get to know all of my clients! Sometimes we’re silly, sometimes we’re sassy, but most of all we roll with the moment and have fun! Somewhere in between all that, I get to take the pictures that make you melt and smile for years to come. Everyone has a unique story… it would be my privilege to tell yours.

I look forward to meeting you, finding out your passions, and making them come to life in front of my camera.